triple alice 1
sept 20-oct 10 1999
Triple Alice 1 was an energy vortex. It brought together more than 85 artists on site each day over the three weeks of the laboratory. There were three laboratories operating simultaneously - BodyWeather - an open ended physical research workshop; Writers - poetry, literature, text and theory; and local Territory Artists & Guest Speakers - from a range of different fields. Exchanges between the laboratories and each of the disciplines represented occurred via cross participation in each others labs and via collaborations between individual artists and groupings, while a range of poetry readings, discussions, slide-showings and performance events show-cased the work of those present and engendered dialogue, discussion and the initiation of processes that fed into and between each lab.


The BodyWeather Laboratory was led by Tess de Quincey and brought together more than 50 participants from all over Australia as well as from Denmark, France, Holland, Germany and the UK.

The Writers Laboratory brought together Martin Harrison (UTS), Prof. Gay McCauley & Dr. Ian Maxwell (USyd), Peter Snow (Monash), artist/writer Julia White, poet Angelika Fremd-Wiese and performance director Gerd Christiansen (Norway).

The Central Australian Laboratory was facilitated by Watch This Space, Desart, Christine Lennard and Gallery Gondwana. It comprised visual artists Cath Bowdler, Marg Bowman, Joy Hardman, Pam Lofts, Kim Mahood, Pip McManus, Ann Mosey, Rodd Moss, Dorothy Napangardi, Polly Napangardi Watson and Ann Oooms; writers & poets Kirin Finane, Terry Whitebeach, Michael Watts; musicians Nokturnl and Frank Yama. 12 ladies from Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu were at the last moment unfortunately unable to attend because of Sorry Business. Among the local guest speakers who were invited to contextualise the site were meteorologist Denise Allen, ethno-botanist Peter Latz, historian Dick Kimber, Aboriginal Art Gallerist & Traditional Protocol Advisor Arthur Ah Chee, politician Peter Toyne and traditional owner Steve McCormack - all providing an astonishing range of insight into the historical and contemporary factors of the country.
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