triple alice 3
17 sept - 7 oct 2001
under construction

Triple Alice 3 is the third in a series of on-going forums and laboratories to be held in the Central Desert. The purpose of the laboratories is to draw on a fertile bed of cross-cultural, interdisciplinary practice from both indigenous and non-indigenous traditions in relation to the Central heartland of Australia. It embodies a sustained commitment by a core group of artists to uncover a new cultural practice.

TRIPLE ALICE is an annual, open-ended project that takes place at Hamilton Downs on the edge of the Tanami Track in the Northern Territory. Over the past two years, indigenous and non-indigenous performers, visual artists, scientists, writers, web designers and theorists have converged on Hamilton Downs for the Triple Alice Forum and Laboratory to hothouse a wide range of conceptual, cultural and critical issues. Out of these interdisciplinary, collaborative laboratories new works emerge, combining dance and movement, installation, text, photography, A/V and electronic media. These works are developed and presented both on location and also at arts institutions and cultural events around the country to afterwards generate further dialogue and exchange within Triple Alice.

TRIPLE ALICE 3 was held over a three week period. Three simultaneously interlocking laboratories brought together different bodies of practice in relation to the place, focussing on VISUAL; PHYSICAL & TEXTUAL disciplines whilst building on the experiences and information gathered during the first two years.