What is place?
Where, in contemporary Australia, is 'our' place?
Who is the 'our' who has place?
Is there a place for everyone?
Does, or can, everyone have many places?
What is it to own a place? What is it to know a place?
How does the Central Desert figure in our national imaginary?
What happens when people from other places go to that place at the geographical heart of the continent?
Who is the 'us' that is invoked in that phrase: "our national imaginary"?
How do the forces of globalisation force us to rethink our place?
What is the local?
What is land?
How are our senses of our selves-both our phenomenological, embodied selves, and our national and communal selves- informed by, circumscribed by, or limited by, the places in which we find ourselves?
What happens when we find ourselves in new places?
What do places do to us?
How does the history of a place settle in our bodies?
Can we ever be free of place?
Would we ever want to?
What is place?
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