METADATA – light, sound, body, space


 articulates a universe of patterns and anti-patterns by leading artists from Sydney and Melbourne in two linked, interdisciplinary pieces that delve into dance, light, music and metaphysics.

An exciting creative development phase has mapped the work in detail ready for final development. Costume design was not included in the initial development and therefore not shown on video. Download one-page description here

De Quincey Co is planning to premiere and tour the work in 2016 – details soon to be announced.

To see a video extract, please click here.



Dance Tess de Quincey
Music Pimmon
Video Installation Martin Fox
Lighting Sian James-Holland

PURE LIGHT is a homage to Dan Flavins light installations and explores incandescence and the ephemeral, impermanent nature of reality.


Dance Tess de Quincey & Peter Fraser
Music Warren Burt
Video Installation Boris Morris Bagatini
Lighting Sian James-Holland

MOTHS & MATHEMATICS is a lyrical study of space, structure and change that unfolds a complex and multifaceted universe, tracking intersections of a prickly and charged environment.

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