BodyWeather as a practice encourages rigorous observation of the body and of space, experience, time and relationship. We apply parameters to our exploration and this in itself lends itself naturally to a process of research. BodyWeather is a constant questioning. There are a number of major research areas De Quincey Co has undertaken:

Image-Dance-Thank-Tank 2012-current

Bodyweather for Every-Body 2010-current

Impro Exchange 2006-current

Our BodyWeather practice holds exchange as a primary position. With this series of laboratories we are using BodyWeather strategies to underpin an investigation that invites dancers of all ages from different disciplnes and cultural backgrounds to engage in a process of exchange and exploration that forwards a sensitivity to a collective group body as well as an independent individual body.

The Natyasastra & Bodyweather 2003-2012

Triple Alice 1999-2005

Our explorations of place, specifically in relationship to the Central Desert, took the form of three annual interdisciplinary laboratories under the title of TRIPLE ALICE 1999-2001 which threw up so much material and further explorations that a range of other further works were generated that included De Quincey Co’s DICTIONARY OF ATMOSPHERES, a major site-specific performance in the Mparntwe/Todd Riverbed for the Alice Springs Festival 2005.