SYDNEY BODYWEATHER INTENSIVE – Beyond the Anthropocentric Body



led by Tess de Quincey

A key principle of BodyWeather practice is opening awareness to how the environment can shape and dance the body-mind. The practice seeks to expose how intelligence and language erupts from the exchange between matter and imagination. As this body is danced into view, the potential of transformative bodies unfolds – as questioning entities shaped by co-emergent wisdom.

The workshop is an open-ended enquiry, an exploration in exchange with each other. As a progression over Friday night through Saturday and Sunday, the workshop also offers participants a thorough introduction into the BodyWeather practice and Butoh image work. The workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring through their body and who are committed to participating in the full 17 hours of the workshop.

This is an opportunity to engage with Australia’s leading BodyWeather practitioner who brought the practice to this country. Tess’s workshops are renowned as forums for exploring perception, providing insights into the body and different sensory modes of experience.


WHEN:  23-25 February 2018; Fri 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
WHERE: Rex Cramphorn Studio, Department of Theatre & Performance Studies, A20 Woolley Building, Manning Road, The University of Sydney
COST:  EarlyBird $150* by 12 Feb OR full price $250*
BOOKINGS:  Places are limited. Bookings are essential and must be made through Eventbrite

* All payments include booking fees and GST and must be made prior to workshop start by EFT Electronic Funds Transfer. Any cancellations must be made before 12 February to receive a refund (less $30 cancellation fee).



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