dancing the fragility of human existence…

The Weather Exchange invites you to experience an intimate and compelling evening of contemporary works with performance-makers Linda Luke and Peter Fraser.  The 2 Solos are performed ‘back to back’ with an interval between them. Suitable for blackbox venues and festivals.

Performers Linda Luke; Peter Fraser
Video Designer
Samuel James
Michael Toisuta; Natasha Anderson
Choreographic Consultant
Tess de Quincey
Lighting Designer Travis Hodgson


BORDERLINES invites us into a sculptural world which maps shifts and delineations of relationship. Bold yet delicate, the danced score is underlined by electronic sound coupled with live guitar and by subtle lighting which carves trajectories and fields into space. Prizing open a series of finely tuned moments which are poised between one state and another, a woman threads us through a liminal world between blindness and sight, animal and human, life and death, fear and desire. How is the world inside these moments?


TARKOVSKY’S HORSE is about standing – the unremarkable position, too fundamental to notice, that defines our species. It is a dance about our vertical being, balanced between rising and falling, animal and human, gravity and grace. The piece explores the stuttering dance of everyday life, the simple gestures, stylised movements and exaggerated emotive signals which shape our world between earth and sky – wobbling, pulsing and flickering like a silent movie.


Linda and Peter draw on BodyWeather that was founded in Japan by legendary button dancer Min Tanaka, with whom both Linda and Peter have studied. BodyWeather is a synthesis of Eastern and Western practice and thought, developed over the past 40 years.

This presentation of 2 Solos includes a workshop and artist talk. Linda and Peter discuss their performance-making processes in relation to their individual pieces and their experiences of BodyWeather both in Japan, Australia and abroad.

Previous Season Details

Dancehouse, Melbourne
15-17 August, 2008

Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
21-22 August, 2008

Performance Space @ Carriageworks
Sydney 4, 6 & 7 September, 2008

Workshops and Artist Talks at each venue.