The Weather Exchange

THE WEATHER EXCHANGE was initiated by De Quincey Co as a program to support the development of a family of artists based in Bodyweather and associated disciplines.


The Weather Exchange contributes to and enriches the investigation of bodybased performance in Australia and abroad.

The Weather Exchange is a developmental, presenting program and auspicing agency for independent artists based in Body Weather and related disciplines. It is a part of De Quincey Co, Australia’s leading Body Weather dance-performance company.

What we do
• Generate artworks and investigations
• Create opportunities for Bodyweather and inter-disciplinary performance
• Provide Body Weather training and mentoring
• Participate in local and international dance practice and dialogue

Our values and beliefs
• Respect for the untold wisdom of the body
• Constant alertness to the shifting relationships of mind, body and environment
• Dancing brings forth the fundamentals of the human condition

We are committed to the development and empowerment of artists engaged in Bodyweather and body-based performance as self-producing, independent performance makers. We embrace an artistic vision that strives to generate and inspire an environment of exchange and discussion around the performing arts and related disciplines. We have a long-term vision to be a hub for independent artist to train, practice, develop and present new work, also for touring. To achieve this we will capitalize on a pooling of resources and the harnessing of our collective skills.

The core WEATHER EXCHANGE artists are based in the practice of Bodyweather which is a synthesis of eastern and western practice and thought, founded in Japan by legendary butoh dancer Min Tanaka. It is a rigorous investigation of body-mind, place and time. The practice focuses awareness on the body as a constantly changing environment within a greater ecology.

Peter Fraser, Victoria Hunt and Linda Luke are the founding members of THE WEATHER EXCHANGE since its inception in 2007. They share the responsibilities for curating a strong annual program of work, which includes performances and training. We draw on a long collective history of generating artistic work together within De Quincey Co and maintaining collaborative dialogues around our independent solo work which has included performing nationally and internationally. We also draw on our specialist skills including management (Peter Fraser), technical and media production (Victoria Hunt) and finance (Linda Luke). Tess de Quincey, as artistic director of De Quincey Co, has been mentoring this program since before the inception of THE WEATHER EXCHANGE. Tess has 33 years experience as a performer and choreographer, including running her company De Qunicey Co for the last ten years.

THE WEATHER EXCHANGE is registered in NSW as a business name under De Quincey Co.