The Company

DQCAbout us_3De Quincey Co turns dancing inside out
in order to:

  • explore perception
  • question the ground on which we walk
  • embrace the asymmetrical, the imperfect, the wounded
  • engage through the spirit
  •  link history and tradition to the present and future with new forms
  • investigate the relationship between form and sensitivity
  • propose transformation as pivotal to performance
  • propose the imagination as our greatest potential
  •  invite our audiences to connect, to imagine, to question and
  • be danced by life





We provide a unique exchange – a rare and thought-provoking dance experience – that invites our audiences to connect, experience and explore.

De Quincey Co is one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring dance performance companies  creating work at the intersection of dance, visual arts, theatre, music and performance. Led by Artistic Director Tess de Quincey, the company creates works of shifting scales for specific spaces – from a black box studio to a desert riverbed.

De Quincey Co builds on several decades of work by de Quincey in Europe, Japan, India and Australia. The company’s practice is based in BodyWeather, a contemporary dance training founded in Japan which melds Asian and Western practices and philosophy. BodyWeather articulates the climates of our bodies and our minds – proposing a ‘weather of being’ to negotiate change and to explore our world.

Created through a rich collaborative process of interdisciplinary and often cross-cultural exchange, ideas are researched and developed by De Quincey Co’s ensemble of dancers and a creative team that includes architects, philosophers, scientists, filmmakers, writers and visual artists.

The company’s developmental program and auspicing agency The Weather Exchange presents the works of independent artists based in BodyWeather and related disciplines.


The Stirring-Bow of Birds

DQCAbout us

Company Information

De Quincey Company Limited


To disrupt and transform people and perception, creating new levels of mindfulness and fresh perspectives for the imagination.


To use our unique BodyWeather processes – physical, intellectual and creative – to push the boundaries of dance, our artists and our audiences by challenging perceptions of the world and exploring change.


  • POINT OF VIEW:  The imperative of interconnectedness; investigation and questioning of the social, ecological and political issues impacting on humankind and the environment.
  • PROCESS:  Continuous investigation; questioning any concept of self; ecological respect; responsibility for community.
  • PERFORMANCE: A commitment to constant questioning that generates stimulating landmark artworks, propels dance into new forms and contexts, and proposes transformation and change.


To be one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring dance performance
companies creating pioneering, cross-artform works of exceptional quality.

To provide audiences with unique, engaging and thought provoking
experiences that invite them to connect, experience and question.


  • PERFORMANCE: Challenge ideas of dance by being at the forefront of multi-platform and cross-disciplinary work, pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and artform development in NSW and across Australia.
  • PROCESS: Grow BodyWeather as a practice in Australia and be an artistic hub and advocate for Australia’s growing family of BodyWeather artists.
  • PROMOTION: Increase the profile of the De Quincey Co brand by building and consolidating new and existing target markets in Australia, through the inventive and pioneering nature of the work.
  • PLANNING: Consolidate De Quincey Co as a financially stable arts organisation with sound management and governance practices which maximises the return on available resources.



De Quincey Co is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations

De Quincey Company Limited – ACN 093 174 184, ABN 24 093 174 184 – is a not-for-profit organisation. It is a public company limited by guarantee, registered under the Corporations Law of New South Wales. Incorporation took place 2nd June 2000. The company is known as De Quincey Co.

The company has ITEC (Income Tax Exempt) and DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status.