Apprenticeship in the emphemeral
Keith Gallasch, Keith
RealTime 56, 2003

Now and Again – Strategies for Truthful Performance
Peter Fraser
Monash University 2014

Silica Talesa
by Karen Vedel
special issue on ‘Movement and Dance in Colonial Contexts’
Journal for the Anthropology of Human Movement, 2007

Swarm Bodies
by Tess de Quincey, March 2006 –
extracts from article ‘How to Stand in Australia?’
by Stuart Grant & Tess de Quincey
to be published as part of ‘Unstable Ground: Performance and the Politics of Place’, a collection of essays curated by Gay McAuley due to be published in 2006 by Peter Lang-PIE.

Thinking through Dance – Dancing through Thought
Tess de Quincey
Sydney Seminar for the Arts and Philosophy: Ideas in Movement – About Dance , 22 May 2005

About Performance no. 5:
Body Weather in Central Australia
Department of Performance Studies, University of Sydney

Towards the Bowels of the Earth
Paul Roquet 2003

Burning Point
Tess de Quincey on Triple Alice

Death of a little butohmermaid
Petra Vermeersch 2001

About Butoh, in research for its origin and actual meaning.
an interview with Min Tanaka
Petra Vermeersch 2000

BodyWeather in the Central Desert of Australia:
towards an ecology of performance
Gay McAuley

Tathra Workshop
Stuart Grant

A Dictionary of Atmospheres
Stuart Grant
Body Modification Conference, Macquarie University

BW Lab Los Angeles
Jenny Hontz
Los Angeles Times

Bodies Across the Pacific
Jonthan Marshall

Tess de Quincey
Dr Edward Scheer, UNSW
first commissoned by APA

Sites of Multiplicity and Permeation
by Tess de Quincey

Body Weather- Dance in Practice
by Tess de Quincey