De Quincey Co warmly invites you to share our research

One-Hour Improvisation

SUNDAY 2 DECEMBER 2018, 2 – 3pm
Free entry and refreshments

160 St John’s Road, Glebe

ARTISTS: Chelsea Byrne, Caitlyn Coman-Sargent, Rena Czaplinska-Archer, Brian Fuata, Glenda Goldberg, Nicola Heywood, Victoria Hunt, Bronwen Kamasz, Vicky Kapo, Sarah King, Kristina Mah, Cleo Mees, Anny Mokotow, Rhiannon Newton, Frank van de Ven.

We have a fabulous mob of artists who invite you to join us for our annual exploration of improvisation between artists from different backgrounds, ages and traditions. Culminating a 3-day laboratory, we invite you to join us in shaping the moment!

We welcome you to stay afterwards for refreshments and to let us know your thoughts as we unpack the process of improvisation between audiences and performers.

Leading on from a research process initiated by De Quincey Co in 2006, Peter Fraser & Tess de Quincey have conducted this year’s Impro-Exchange lab. These labs are designed to explore the nature of improvisation between dancers from different backgrounds, ages and traditions. The aim is to generate a forum for dialogue, exchange and discussion around strategies and processes of improvisation.

More than one hundred and fifty artists have engaged in this process since inception, and a pooling of thirty dancers who regularly participate has developed over the last twelve years. This lab is attended by dancers from around the country as well as from NSW. The build-up of shared experience that emerges is a major objective of the labs.

Photographer: Vsevolod Vlaskine



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