Image: Vsevolod Vlaskine


improvisation research lab
led by Peter Fraser & Tess de Quincey


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST are invited from professional dancers, interdisciplinary artists and wild cards who would like to attend and contribute to this exchange. In curating and leading these labs as an ongoing process linking each year, we would like to work with artists who have a focus on improvisation and who see this context as an opportunity for their intensive research laboratory. For more about the lab click here and refer to What is Impro-Exchange?

Importantly the focus is on a collective as opposed to an individual function, forwarding a group sensibility but also fierce independence. The aim is to generate a forum for dialogue, exchange and discussion around strategies, processes and potential of improvisation.

On the third day of this lab we plan a one-hour improvisation for audience, inviting feedback. This is an extension of the observation and feedback that is inherent within the planned structure of each lab and which is an integral aspect of BodyWeather, the formative practice underlying the structuring of Impro-Exchange.

It’s vital for the collective process that all participants commit to being present for all working sessions of the lab, ie 10am – 4pm each of the three days. Although the lab is free of charge, if your EOI is accepted, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation of at least $50 to assist us in covering costs and enabling the lab process to happen.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST should include a biography and tell us why the lab would be of relevance to your practice. Please email the EOI to by LATEST Sunday 4 NOVEMBER.