Touring Overview

De Quincey Co creates interdisciplinary artworks from the city to the desert that engage audiences from different cultures. From the intense intimacy of a black-box theatre to a large-scale, site-specific event, our highly physical work focuses on the body and elemental forces.

We perform the senses, fusing the contemporary and the ancient to explore perception. Our work invites audiences to generate their own narratives and let their imagination unfurl.

Our work is based in the practice of BodyWeather that is a synthesis of eastern and western principles. It brings together both traditional and contemporary methodologies – embedded in an Australian and Pacific perspective.

We are offering the following performances for touring:

  • MOONDANCE, a solo dance by Tess de Quincey
  • BOX OF BIRDS, ensemble work – a mythical late-night journey into the shadows of the psyche
  • FRAMED, a duet exploring relationship and time

We are available to create site-specific processes & performances involving local artists, and offer BodyWeather Workshops as an add-on to any performance or creative process.




MOONDANCE: isotopic reflections

A solo dance by Tess de Quincey

As a synaesthetic experience, MOONDANCE brings dance, music, photography and video together in a exploration of astronomy.

Choreography & Performance:  Tess de Quincey  Photographic Images: Vsevolod Vlaskine
Video Artist: Samuel James  Sound: Vic McEwan

Duration:  30 minutes + post-show discussion
Touring Party:
  1 Performer
Supply locally:
  HD projector and sound system
  2016 – 2018
More Info: HERE




‘Tess de Quincey’s barely perceptible movements built to such intensity that the space felt charged with electricity and some undefinable immutability and emotion’
Sydney Morning Herald (2004)


Performers: Linda Luke, Kathryn Puie, Ellen Rijs & Kirsten Packham photographic projections: Mireille Astore & Anne Ferran Felt objects & costumes: Anne Ferran & Katja Handt lighting: Sian James-Holland Sound: Vic McEwan Concept & Direction:  Tess de Quincey

a mythic late-night journey through the shadows of the human psyche – probing the power of the past, life on the outskirts, and distorted memories in an immersive melting pot of large-scale photography, improvised dance and live music.

Duration: 40 minutes
  2 day; Rigging and rehearsals, perform 2nd day
Touring Party:
  8 (Production & performers) 
Supply locally:
  Rigging equipment, Lighting rig and sound system.
More Info: HERE



FRAMED – illuminating our inner life

…the 40-minute journey is as mesmerising as it is inexplicably profound. …the work is elegant, simple, complex, profound, stark, elusive – yet never daunting. It is wonderfully easy to watch and very effecting. …a wonderful journey of shared discovery. Australian Stage (about previous work in the series embrace: GUILT FRAME)

Choreography & Performance:  Tess de Quincey and Victoria Hunt Sound Composition:  Michael Toisuta Set Design:  Russell Emerson and Steve Howarth Concept & Direction:  Tess de Quincey

Two women are literally framed, at the intersection of visual art, theatre, dance, music and installation. In this spellbinding and intensely intimate, intercultural work, Tess de Quincey and Maori dancer Victoria Hunt explore paradoxes in miniscule yet immense changes of relationship as they traverse the eight emotional states of the Natyasastra, the cornerstone of traditional Indian arts as part of the ‘embrace’ series of performances.

The two BodyWeather dancers cross over from their Japanese training origins into Indian sensibilities as Australian and Pacific ancestries are exposed.

Duration:  40 minutes + post-show discussion (usually 30-40mins)
1 day; set construction early morning, perform evening.
Touring Party:
  1 Production Manager/Operator, 2 performers.
Supply locally:
  Lighting rig and sound system.
  2016 – 2018
More Info: HERE



Local Site-Specific Processes & Performances

We can work with local producers to design a process that will engage local artists and communities in the creation of a site-specific performance that animates and highlights aspects of the landscape, buildings and histories. The final work can either provide an articulation through space, be a procession through a particular area or pop-up points around a specific location.

BodyWeather Workshops

BodyWeather proposes a practical but also philosophical strategy to the body and to the mind that develops conscious relation devoid of any specific aesthetic. Drawing from elements of both eastern and western dance, sports training, martial arts and theatre practice, BodyWeather is an open investigation which promotes a thorough re-examination of the body and an alert recognition of change. Training provides the opportunity to ‘map’ a sensorial understanding of body, condition and language.

Workshops can take place either inside or outside and can vary from one or two hours to one day, an intensive weekend or longer durations.