A large scale site-specific work planned for Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne 2017.

Sound artists Jim Denley, Dale Gorfinkel & Amanda Stewart
Installation Michaela Gleave
Lighting Sian James-Holland
Dance performance Tess de Quincey and dancers from De Quincey Co

WILD is an interactive performance-installation – a gigantic weather front – around and through which the audience flows. Within a turbulent environment of steam and mist, architectures and ephemeral bodies emerge and morph as dots and swarms. Generating immense timeframes and dimensions, from the minute to the cosmological, monumental planes of light immerse and distort space to defy normality. Shifts between the infinite and the finite are explored in this immersive installation.

This work is inspired by the 2002 book ‘WILD LAW: Manifesto for Earth Justice’ by lawyer Cormac Cullinan which places nature and natural processes at the centre of our jurisprudence – in contrast to the current anthropocentric model.

WILD aims to generate a powerful, collective work that engages with deep ecological concerns for the planet. This will be an epic event inviting audiences to stream around and between the performers within a warping space that explores phenomena and perception to provoke a re-evaluation of our place in nature.

Music Development Stage was supported by Australia Council for the Arts
The following short video was made as a culmination of this two week development.