As part of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre ONSIDE art exhibition De Quincey Co will present six young choreographers from The Weather Exchange Collective who each explore their individual performance trajectory.

A four-day residency will culminate in public performances of these short, site-specific works presented as part of the WOMEN IN SPORT Forum in and around the exhibition spaces at Casula Powerhouse.

Performers:-  Angela French, Yoka Jones, Lian Loke, Kirsten Packham, Kathryn Puie and  Ellen Rijs

Performance Details

Friday 15 March
1.30pm – 2.30pm / 4pm – 5pm

Saturday 16 March
1pm – 2pm / 3.30pm – 4.30pm

No bookings necessary for performances

1 Casula Powerhouse Road
Casula NSW 2170
(Entry via Shepherd Street Liverpool)
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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre presents Onside, as part of the Women In Sport initiative which examines the complex issues relating to women and sport through an arts and cultural lens. The artists’ treatment of sensitive subjects that have not yet been significantly explored by a contemporary arts venue will make this a landmark exhibition.

Artworks referencing gender stereotyping, sexualisation of women’s bodies and notions of femininity will engage audiences to think more deeply about a range of ideas and will provide an entry point into contemporary art. The artists approach the topical and relevant themes in innovative and engaging ways with the intention of opening up a broader discussion about these issues.


The Women in Sport Forum is a two-day event taking place on Friday 15thand Saturday 16th March. The event complements the Onside: Women in Sport exhibition, a contemporary arts exhibition delving into the world of women’s sport and coming up with some surprising images and topics for conversation.

The forum is comprised of a variety of exciting panel sessions that examine women’s agency, both socio-political and practical, in the sporting world. The sessions cover topics ranging from social participation in sport to elite athletes, looking particularly at how and why women participate in sport.

Major themes: sports, agency, sporting associations, family, goal setting and inspiration

Sub themes: social issues, feminism, gender studies, psychology, sports science, media and marketing

For more information visit Casula Powerhouse website HERE