MOONDANCE – isotopic reflections

Tess de Quincey’s latest collaborative work sold out and won the SYDNEY FRINGE DANCE AWARD and has been nominated for a national dance award…

Dance:  Tess de Quincey
Photography:  Vsevolod Vlaskine
Video:  Samuel James
Sound:  Vic McEwan

Tess de Quincey’s Moondance: a mysterious, intense piece of dance theatre – 4.5 stars from Jill Sykes, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. Click HERE for the full review.

…a mesmerizing, powerful and hypnotic hour-long solo. It develops into an almost trancelike meditative state.. At times, she is like a Kabuki demon and then an icy cold Moon Goddess. Review by Lynne Lancaster DANCE INFORMA. Click HERE for the full review.

It is an unusual pleasure, emerging from the idiosyncrasy of de Quincey’s presence… Review by Suzy Wrong, SUZY GOE SEE. Click HERE for the full review.

…its blending of terrestrial and celestial was a visceral experience for me. Review by Judith Greenaway in SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE. Click HERE for the full review


Very powerful, contempletive work…

… powerful, captivating and personal, it strangely stays with you in your mind…

Complexity, precision and beauty…

It was so beautiful – my brain is tingling, my imagination is buzzing.

… brilliant choreography.

… taken into an amazing esthetic sensorial visually powerful creative journey.

Celebrating De Quincey Co’s 15th anniversary, MOONDANCE is a mesmerising and unforgettable experience. The tidal power of the moon over our lives is explored through a visceral layering of imagery, sound and movement.

Warmly received in London in short version in 2014, the full piece premiered to great acclaim in the Sydney Fringe Festival winning it’s Dance Award.

Photographic explorations of the light of the full moon and the earth present a meeting of celestial and terrestrial light. These abstract fields of photographic projections are animated to an other-worldly soundscape and a vivid live dance performance that creates a compelling and unearthly shadow.

As an immersive and synaesthetic experience, MOONDANCE delves into the tides, and gravitational fields, the vacuum atmospherics, perturbations and sputterings of our nearby astronomy – our ‘other’ isotopic self – to uncover its pull on our lives.





SYDNEY – Holy Trinity Church, Erskineville
4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19 September  2015

MELBOURNE – A Dancehouse YOUR WAY Open Season
Fri 6 & Sat 7 November 2015

Fri 13 & Sat 14 November 2015