SKYHAMMER – Triple Alice Edition 1

Skyhammer is fascinating and mesmerising.... the closing image of enchantment and awe, convince the viewer that this is a powerful and intriguing new work. It has the potential to hold any audience in its thrall.

Capital Q Weekly – Merryn Johns, March 2000

Installations Juno Gemes, Pam Lofts, Ian Maxwell, Kim Mahood
Peter Fraser, Victoria Hunt, Narelle Hurley, Phillip Mills, Marnie Orr
Russell Emerson

photos Coralie Bywater

a performance installation

Can we dance a passage of country?
What is the listening of that country?
Sounding, imaging and traversing the Centre- an equation of analogues…a dictionary of atmospheres

Skyhammer is a performance installation bringing together elements of the first of three art laboratories in Central Australia entitled Triple Alice.

Using their experiences from Triple Alice 1, the three-week intensive laboratory 100km north west of Alice Springs which took place in Sept-Oct 1999, De Quincey Co created a work which circled around the space of the central desert.

Visual art, poetry, philosophy and technology form an equation of analogues in sound, movement and image.

Peter Fraser; photo Coralie Bywater

As the title suggests, this performance piece is about the forces of nature and base elements so apparent in Central Australia.The bodywork of the performers is finely conceived and executed, managing to translate the rawness of experience one associates with harsh terrain and endless space. Sound, lighting and imaging provide atmospherics in what is essentially an environmental and site specific work. Capital Q Weekly – Merryn Johns March 2000

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