Dancers:  Tess de Quincey, Narelle Benjamin, Peter Fraser, Victoria Hunt, Linda Luke, Kathyrn Puie, Ellen Rijs, Kirsten Packham, Cleo Mees

SWARM BODIES will explore three linked bodies – ‘dot body’, ‘swarm entity’ and ‘wild being’ through a group of bodies working connectively, grounded in dots as a way of envisaging a body structure. The independently moving dots of the internal environment overlap into an outer environment of dots, questioning structural bio-mechanics as well as ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. Drawing on swarm theory we will explore collective intelligence spread over multiple bodies enabling the collective body to be swiftly responsive and rapidly change shape and energy. Underlying this is the questioning of individual/self relative to a collective body whilst unfolding from the aspiration of a deep and untrammeled freedom.

A 2 weeks research period will take place in 2012 – Supported by Critical Path

image credit:  ‘Swarm – 1min tracking’ courtesy of Fredrik Skåtar