THE SCENT TRILOGY – a thematic series of works in 3 parts

we are circling insatiable and crashed perversions,

a suggestive and seductive underbeat within a wild and corrupt ambiguity of gender and merged identities…

Part 1 – SSSH…

A 1-hour wandering sequence of infectious glam-trash interventions for nighclubs – a lush, unruly and seductive performance experiment referencing cult movies.

This was first performed at a series of Sydney clubs in July 2000

photos Russell Emmerson

Lee Pemberton, Sssh..., 2000, photo Russell Emmerson

Part 2 – SEEP

Dancers Victoria Hunt, Koon Fei Wong, Kristina Harrison
Counter Tenors Michael Demitris Dale, Roger Hany, Xu Feng Shan
music John Gillies
video installation John Gillies and Russell Emerson
fragments of text Francesca da Rimini & Virginia Barratt
lighting Richard Manner

photographers Russell Emerson, Heidrun Lohr, Erica Harrison

A 20-minute stage piece – a hypnotic, extravagant yet disturbing dwelling within sensory fields. Texts, dance and video installation entangle and intricately interlace with Byzantine, Chinese and Persian melodics sung by three counter tenors.

The cultural and gender fantasia of De Quincey Co’s Seep was hilariously delinquent and rudely non-specific… cultural and gender identity bled in every direction in a gloriously promiscuous collaboration… RealTime – Keith Gallasch November 2002

SEEP was performed at Performance Space in October 2001 in Eat My Shorts as part of Carnivale 2001 Festival music

Part 3 – SHIVER

Dancers Neil Callaghan, Lynne dos Santos, Victoria Hunt, Koon Fei Wong, Kristina Harrison
Counter Tenors Roger Hany, Owen O’Neill,  Xu Feng Shan
music djbc
fragments of text Francesca da Rimini & Virginia Barratt
video composition John Gillies
light & digital design Richard Manner
choreography Tess de Quincey

photographers Paris Spellson, John Gillies, Brooke Hendrik

SHIVER spins danced and sung tableaux into a contagious crossfire between performers and audiences. Large scale video projects live interactions, igniting and rupturing provocative, gendered ambiguities.

hypnotic event… exotic tableaux vivant… an engrossing and curiously memorable experience Keith Gallasch, RealTime 46

Premiered as part of the Cultural Festival of the Gay Games Sydney 2002.

Review (PDF)

Real Time #46 – Dec 01

Shiver – Realtime #52, Dec