...a fascinating multimedia spectacle.

Realtime – Rachel Maher, September 2005

Dancers Tom Davies, Peter Fraser, Kristina Harrison, Victoria Hunt, Linda Luke
Sound/Music Jim Denley
Video Projections Samuel James
Media Installation video Francesca da Rimini & Agnese Trocchi, sound Daniele Salvati
Lighting Richard Manner
Choreography Tess de Quincey
Production Management Vic McEwan and David Knight
Photography Mayu Kanamori

De Quincey Co invites you to wander through drifting climates as dance entwines with video and sound to underscore the magic of the transformation between day and night in the riverbed. As a culmination of three art ‘labs’ called Triple Alice held between 1991 to 2001 at Hamilton Downs north of Alice Springs, this unique event brings together local and national artists to explore stories and experiences from the Central Desert.

Sit casually on the riverbank or rove and meander through these overlapping reflections as different perspectives emerge, enchant and light up within the riverbed. Come to experience this groundbreaking new piece which premieres nationally in Alice Springs.

The foundation for De Quincey Co’s work is Bodyweather, a contemporary training founded in Japan melding Asian and Western dance, theatre and martial arts practices. Based in the principle of dialogue and exchange, Body Weather fosters the linking of human experience across cultures. De Quincey Co is the only ensemble in Australia based in this practice.

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RealTime – Nov 05

Previous Season Details

Sunday 4 – Wednesday 7 September 2005

At Dusk, The Todd Riverbed, Alice Springs
as part of the Alice Desert Festival
2-11 September 2005