I can't think of another 75 minutes in the theatre that yielded so many riches.

The Australian – Deborah Jones

Initiating Artist & Director Tess de Quincey
Performance Makers
Kristina Harrison, Victoria Hunt, Peter Fraser, Tom Davies, Linda Luke
Lighting Richard Manner
Installation & Rigging Clytie Smith
Sound Production Vic McEwan
Stage Manager Diana Knudsen
Graphic Design Gail Priest

photos Mayu Kannamori

Each solo is an independant investigation of themes defined by the individual performer and is linked to the other performances by context, overall direction and the underlying Bodyweather training of the company.


by Kristina Harrison
A dance of the unpacking of selves, in snaps and stabs, in shudders and spins; a ritual installion of each self as a precarious placement in space. Utilising a collection of her own and others writings, Kristina weaves a journey through a number of selves encountered. Danced and spoken stories reflect a negotiation of identity and a series of questionable beings. This work started during a three-month company residency in Calcutta 2003.



by Victoria Hunt
Maori kites reel inter-racial threads between swamp and sky as itinerants dig for the bones of an agoraphobic grandmother. This performance is an exploration of ancestral notes and dream images. It builds on a Waikato Artists Residency in Aotearoa/New Zealand 2003 and ‘Travelling Light’, a residency and collaborative performance installation at Performance Space as part of the Pacific Wave Festival 2004.



by Peter Fraser
Embracing, penetrating, dissolving – and slipping away. It changes shape. It traces our veins. It touches us, simulating all emotions. One moment swollen and black with weight, the next a breath in the sky – it is the enemy of permanence. Arguing with God and Nature, this performance reflects on water – at thresholds



by Tom Davies
A spattering of myths, gods, murders, and love songs that never took place. A cry for loss of what never was. Teasing out oscillations, overlappings and disorientations, we travel down wicked garden paths. This piece looks at a longing, a laughing and a speaking, from another place. The smouldering ends of a horshoe magnetise. A voice unfurls. A foot proceeds.



by Linda Luke
Regarding the disintegration of a fortress, this piece traces tensions, fragilities, shatterings and elasticities. Exploring transformation and a suspension between violence and lyricism, spoken and danced texts seed the spaces of a labyrinthine body. This piece builds on two working periods in Greece, in 2000 with the Municipal Regional Theatre of Northern Aegean and in 2004 using movement and writing to explore the fortress in Ancient Corinth.

Five Short Solos is a De Quincey Co presentation that will be talked about for years.

The Sydney Morning Herald – Jill Sykes

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23 June – 3 July 2005

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