Tess de Quincey, Victoria Hunt and Kristina Harrison photo: Russell Emerson

A Performance Installation in collaboration with Monirath Theater, Kolkata, India and De Quincey Co

Performers Victoria Hunt & Kristina Harrison, Tess de Quincey, Koon Fei Wong, Linda Luke & Santanu Bose
Installation & Lighting Richard Manner
Samuel James
Sound Design Shannon O’Neil
Choreography & Direction Tess de Quincey

photos Russell Emerson

Main Structural & Conceptual Source: The Natyashastra 6:15

This performance installation is the third in this series of performances deriving from De Quincey Co’s 3-month residency entitled Natyashastra & Body Weather in Kolkata, India in 2003. Utilising structural elements drawn from The Natyashastra, the ancient Indian Treatise on artistic practice, the performers negotiate a series of 8 emotional states on the basis of their Bodyweather training which is a synthesis of Eastern and Western performance practices. The piece involves an installation and a 15-minute performance cycle.

Kristina Harrison, Tess de Quincey, Victoria Hunt photo: Russell Emerson

Kristina Harrison, Tess de Quincey, Victoria Hunt photo: Russell Emerson

Previous Season Details

Performance Space Galleries
12 & 13 August, 2004

This performance installation was commissioned for the Res Artis 2004 Conference KNOWLEDGE + DIALOGUE + EXCHANGE remapping cultural globalisms from the South, convened by Artspace Visual Arts Centre and Gertrude Contemporary Arts Spaces Melbourne and in collaboration with Performance Space.

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