Santanu Bose, photo: Mayu Kanamori

...like a precious jewel

The Sydney Morning Herald - Jill Sykes, May 2004

a collaboration with Monirath Theater, Kolkata, India and De Quincey Co

Performers Victoria Hunt & Kristina Harrison & Santanu Bose
Installation & Lighting Richard Manner
Texts Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore), Rg Veda, Arundhati Roy, Ashish Nandy
Video Samuel James
Sound Design Shannon O’Neil
Hosts Linda Luke, Ailsa Richardson, Koon Fei Wong, Danielle Wench
Choreography & Direction Tess de Quincey

photos Mayu Kanamori

Santanu Bose, Victoria Hunt, Kristina Harrison, photo: Mayu Kanamori

Kristina Harrison, Victoria Hunt, Santanu Bose, photo: Mayu Kanamori


We invite you to wander with us through the unnameable… a seething within a fan of intense colours; an immersion in emotive textures; a negotiation of borderlines – of darkness and humour, of death and the divine; an insistent heartbeat of generosity and violence holding wild, blackened woolly twists in an embrace of The Other.

This performance installation builds on De Quincey Co’s 3-month residency entitled The Natyashastra & Body Weather in Kolkata, India in 2003.

Reviews (PDF)

Embrace An Immodest Green – RealTime 62 – August/Septmeber 2004

Sydney Morning Herald 29-30 May 2004

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