IS & IS2


An hour of masterly drawn movement and image where the pen never leaves the page... She has a presence and hieratic solemnity to her dancing that gives it the weight of a sibylline utterance, yet the work has a cool Euclidean logic in its geometry and layout... a body acted upon by deep and mysterious forces and her commanding expression resonates with those forces. It's like dancing turned inside out, if you like, and it is rarely seen on an Australian stage.

The Australian,William Shoubridge, April 1994

Music Julian Knowles, Rik Rue
Stuart Lynch
Simon Wise
Tess de Quincey

Reviews (PDF)

The Australian 8 April, 1994
Sydney Morning Herald 2 April 1994
Sydney Morning Herald 4 April 1994
Townsville Bulletin 6 May 1995

Previous Season Details

1994 – is

Dance-Sound Installation, Sydney & Brisbane

1995 – is.2

Australian National Tour, Darwin, Alice Springs, Lismore & Townsville


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