RUN – a performance engine

an astonishing celebration of the CarriageWorks building

Jill Sykes SMH

Performers Tom Davies, Peter Fraser, Victoria Hunt and Linda Luke
Musicians Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Farrar
Media Artist John Tonkin
Video Artist Emmanuela Prigioni
Lighting Designer Travis Hodgson
Sculptural Installation Garnet Brownbill and Bernie Regan
Direction/Choreographer Tess de Quincey
Photography Mayu Kanamori and Heidrun Löhr

RUN a performance installation by De Quincey Co that explores extreme energy and motion. Eight performances were presented from 20 – 29 August 2009 as part of Performance Space’s winter season at CarriageWorks.

RUN invites audiences into an unpredictable space, where objects and bodies become integrated elements of a massive, warping environment; where suspended objects oscillate between stability and chaos.

Building on De Quincey Co’s renowned site-specific performance The Stirring in November 2007, elements from the CarriageWorks building are incorporated to create a mobile structure which is driven by, and affects, the movement of the performers. The mobile is a reflection of CarriageWorks history which invites a new set of relationships to the place, its origins and its future. As a study of locomotion, the performers generate movement on different planes, actually defying gravity. Media and video images create layers of meaning, while live video cameras capture, edit and project the subtle, elemental relationships of motion in space.


De Quincey Co’s ensemble of highly skilled physical performers are joined by some of Australia’s leading artists for this bold and awe-inspiring new work.

de Quincey is exquisitely skilled in creating images to fill time and space The Australian, Deborah Jones

photo by Manu

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Performance Space @ CarriageWorks

Thursday 26 – Saturday 22 August 2009

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