Nothing less than the essence of life... Triptych stands apart for the superb quality of performance and visual presentation and the luminous atmosphere it creates... ravishing performances… the dancers are a marvel. It's a privilege to experience.

The Australian, Deborah Jones, November 2008

Performers Peter Fraser, Victoria Hunt, Linda Luke and Lizzie Thomson
Sound Chris Abraham
Video / Visuals Samuel James
Lighting Travis Hodgson
Choreography / Direction Tess de Quincey

TRIPTYCH examines three elements – air, electricity and water

Through dance, sonic and visual structures. Framed by 3 large-scale video screens which envelop the audience, the piece explores the 3 elements as fundamental modes of physicality and being in the world. This in turn reflects the contemporary and ancient spectrum of human experience spanning war and peace; the survival of species.

TRIPTYCH invites audiences into an immersive multi-dimensional, holographic matrix of body and space. Breaking open the simple, it explores the nature of perception and relationship. It generates a tactile and richly sensorial world, an environment which touches the nonverbal, sensual knowing.

… it is an engrossing and energising experience. The Sydney Morning Herald – Jill Sykes, November 2008

Previous Season Details

Performance Space at Carriageworks

Wilson Street, Redfern

Thursday 6 – Saturday 15 November, 2008