At the still point, there the dance is… – TS Eliot

A synthesis of dance, video, sound and installation, Still Point Turning explores perceptions of time, stillness and turbulence. Initially inspired by TS Eliot’s poem Burnt Norton, Linda Luke’s solo reflects upon the fragmented nature of contemporary culture, alluding to Eurocentric history and our obsession with ‘clock’ time. Alongside the steady beat of temporal time is the nature of cosmic time – the cycle of living and dying and that deep, yet elusive, silence that resides in every one of us.

Choreographer & Performer Linda Luke
Composer Vic McEwan
Video Artist Martin Fox
Lighting Designer Clytie Smith
Designer Justine Shih-Pearson
Artistic Consultant Tess de Quincey
Producer Artful Management
Photo Credit Mayu Kanamori


Sydney Morning Herald – 30 November 2014
RealTime – 30 November 2014
ArtsHub – 30 November 2014
Melbourne Arts Festival – 20 October 2014


AU – 9 November 2014

Season Details

Melbourne, Sydney and Wagga Wagga in October/ November, 2014.

17-18 October 2014
Dancehouse, Melbourne
150 Princes Street
Carlton North
Presented by Melbourne Festival as part of
DANCE TERRITORIES: The Sacred and the Profane – Rituals of Now

27-29 November 2014
Lennox Theatre, Parramatta Riverside Theatres
Presented by FORM Dance Projects as part of DANCE BITES 2014

13 December 2014
Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery
Presented by the CAD factory and Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery


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STILL POINT TURNING was funded by the NSW government through Trade and Investment NSW and is supported by the Department for Performance Studies (University of NSW) and Dancehouse.