WILD LAW INCUBATOR – Participants Information

WILD LAW INCUBATOR – Saturday 4 May 2013, 10am -4pm

ABC Ultimo Centre
700 Harris St


Central Station is the closest railway station to the ABC. It is a ten-minute walk from Central Station to the ABC’s main entrance on Harris Street. Or from Central Station take the underground pedestrian tunnel all the way to the rear entrance of the ABC (heading towards Haymarket).

There are a number of bus stops on Broadway and George Street within a few minutes walk of the ABC Ultimo Centre. Monorail and Light Rail stops are close by in Haymarket. For more details, call Transport info on 131 500 or visit TransportInfo. or  http://www.whereis.com/nsw/ultimo/700-harris-st/yellowId-12532602

The nearest car park is on Mary Ann Street open on Saturdays from 8am til 5 pm, flat cost $12.



Hosts & Facilitator: architect Tom Rivard (Lean Productions – unfortunately not present as he is in Sweden), dancer Tess de Quincey (De Quincey Co), cultural strategist Ingo Kumic (Melbourne)

Wild Lawyers: Michelle Maloney (Griffith Uni, Brisbane); Natasha Hammond-Deakin and Emily Ryan (EDO NSW)

Lawyers: Vanessa Bateup (ABC), Benedict Coyne (Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Brisbane & slam poet), Jarrah Hoffman-Ekstein (Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Sydney), David Robb (Macquarie Bank)

Aboriginal Tent Embassy/Indigenous Leaders: Michael Anderson, Uncle Dootch Kennedy, Jade Kennedy

Artists: biophysical engineer Tega Brain, sculptor Neil Brandhorst, media aritst Leon Cmielewski, designer Alexandra Crosby, writer/artist Francesa da Rimini, culture mapper/spatial aesthetics Prof Ross Gibson (Sydney College of the Arts), sculptor/sound artist Nigel Helyer, mixed media artist Bronia Iwanczak, interdisciplinary artist Vic McEwan (Cad Factory, Nerrandera), author/radio producer Susan Murphy, poet/vocalist Amanda Stewart, media artist Josie Starrs, installation artist Jenny Turpin, media artist/academic Sarah Waterson

Curators/Producers/Presenters: Bec Dean (Performance Space, Sydney), Deborah Ely (Bundanon Trust), Prof Sarah Miller (performance, Uni Wollongong), Lily Shearer (Gadigal Info), Fiona Winning (Sydney Festival), Antonia Seymour (Australian Theatre Forum)

Various:  horticulturalist/educator Des Hamilton (Gryffin Earthscape), Sally Hill (Wildwon media company), psychiatrist Dr Anthony Korner, landscape architect Adrian McGregor (McGregor Coxall), publisher Tina Perinotto (The Fifth Estate), environmental scientist Donna Quinn (Department of Premier & Cabinet)

Catering Team: Clara Mason (Pod Cuisine), Helena Lordan

Documentation Team: video & sound artists Martin Fox, Gaby Mason, Samuel James, Stephanie Tighe, Blake Buckley

Assisting Team: BodyWeather dancers Victoria Hunt, Kirsten Packham, Ellen Rijs, Liz Stokes



10-10.30am                             INTRODUCTION – host Tess de Quincey, facilitator Ingo Kumic

  • Welcome to Country by Uncle Greg Simms
  • Intro & Purpose of the day

Main Statement: If our natural systems and features were at the centre of how we viewed ourselves, then the world would be a very different place.

How might each of us write and address Wild Law within the framework of our own practice and collaborate with others in its realisation?

  • Roundtable:  each participant provides a 30 second introduction to their work and how it might intersect with the ideas underlying Wild Law.

10.30-12.00                             CONTEXT & PERSPECTIVES

  • ‘Wild Lawyers’: An introduction to the Wild Law movement, covering the origins, evolution and practical implementation of Earth jurisprudence and the ‘rights’ of Mother Nature.
  • ‘Elders’: Aboriginal Perspectives on Wild Law from Indigenous leaders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
  • Unpacking the Main Statement (above):  Groups of 4 delving into the negative, the positive, and the practical challenges of enabling a ‘wild law’ condition.

12-1pm Lunch

1-2.45 pm                                 THE RESPONSE

  • The Response Agenda: Groups of 8 Addressing issues raised in pre-lunch session, identify key areas for action/ foundational/ high impact as it relates to different disciplines (emphasis on cross-disciplinary delivery)
  • The Response Plenary: Group feedback on key possible (inter) disciplinary actions

2.45-3 pm Break

3-4pm                                       EMERGENCE

  • An Emerging Strategy: Groups of 8 Pick one or two ‘areas for actions’ and unpack
  • Plenary and Next Steps



Here are some Environmental Justice (EJ) and Wild Law (WL) references:

1.       There is an initial list of resources about WL on the AWLA website http://www.wildlaw.org.au/resources/

2.       Thomas Berry – The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future –a scanned copy of the whole book or alternatively just the first few chapters is available if anyone would like a copy to read before the workshop – please contact Michelle Maloney below.

3.       Cormac Cullinan’s on-line article – If Nature Had Rights What Would We Need to Give Up?-http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/articles/article/500/

4.       Link below to 2 papers by Peter Burdon – one exploring the theoretical side of Earth Jurisprudence HERE, another applying an EJ perspective to the Murray Darling HERE

5.       A paper by Michelle Maloney about EJ and sustainable consumption – it’s a bit long, but like Peter’s article about the Murray Darling, aims to apply an EJ perspective to an existing ‘problem’ and might be of interest. HERE

6.       YOUTUBE clips:

–          Cormach Cullinan on Universal Declaration of the Rights of Nature:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ2y0IlOmqw

–          Video about Earth Jurisprudence from the Center for EJ in Florida –it gives a good overview of problems and EJ approacheshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haIZTRtvIPw

–          Earth Laws Network at Southern Cross University –first 4 minutes or so are especially good to intro wild law stuffhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG7NVY2vGB4

Michelle Maloney
National Convenor
Australian Wild Law Alliance
0419 497 596